Next Drive Spectra

  Hello everyone! Today i would like to introduce you the Next Drive Spectra. Spectra is the world’s smallest 32-Bit/384kHz portable DAC. Spectra delivers unparalleled high-quality sound on-the-go. With its ESS 9018Q2C DAC chip, Spectra is better able to reproduce your favorite artists’ recordings more faithfully. And by being able to drive even most the demanding …

Barefoot FootPrint 01

    "Barefoot Sound’s new Footprint line of powered nearfield monitors delivers the company’s uncompromising audio performance and build quality to engineers, producers, composers and musicians working in smaller spaces and with smaller budgets." KEY FEATURES  MEME™ Technology Voice Emulation Dual-Force™ Technology Dual Ring Radiator Tweeter 650 Watts of Power   More info at: