Spectra X – Portable DAC


Hello everyone!

Today i would like to introduce you the Next Drive Spectra X.

The Portable Concert Hall.The world’s smallest 384K DAC headphone amp. Experience the impact of Hi-Res on-the-go.

As the world’s smallest 32-Bit/384kHz portable DAC, Spectra X delivers unparalleled high-quality sound on-the-go. With its ESS SABRE 9018Q2C DAC chip, Spectra X is better able to reproduce your favorite artists’ recordings more authentically. Developed for Hi-Fi music lovers, Spectra X can simply provide  your headphones or speakers with studio-grade audio performance.

Spectra X introduces a new technology, one-and-only XtraSOUND ™ sound technology, reducing the sound distortion rate to less than 1/100,000. In this way, the sounds you hear are just like a live recording.

That’s my opinion:

I’ve made some test between the DA of my macbook pro and Spectra X and this is like day and night…. With it is possible to understand better the balance of the instruments, the definition of the bass and mids… The high-mid are really smooth and detailed… The frequency response is really precise and flat… The stereo image is wider and my favourite thing is the depth that i can achieve with this DAC… Is a really huge product for engineers and producers to test the final mixes / masters and for listen high quality music…. I’m really impressed with the quality of this device…. Small and portable! I’m really happy to finally get a high quality music on my laptop wherever i am…. The music sounds more real and deep… i can get in touch better with the songs i’m listening and also get a better idea of the dynamics and overall balance…. It’s a huge upgrade from my laptop converter…. I’ve also made a test between Spectra and the new Spectra X and i immediately heard the differences… With the new Spectra X  you can feel even more depth in the music, a better separation between the instruments and also a more precise dynamic response. The bass is so tight and precise but with lots of energy! From an engineering point of view is an highly rated piece of gear that anyone must have… But it’s also really important if you want to hear high quality music as a musician or someone that likes to listen music and get in touch with it!… It seems a premium product and it feels solid and compact…The sound is awesome!!! 




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