Teknosign – Sum Adjust LT


Hello everyone!

I’m happy and proud to announce my partnership with the Italian company Teknosign. This company produce high quality audio gear all handmade in Italy, and you know well that Made in Italy is the equivalent of Quality!

Today i’m going to introduce you to the Teknosign Sum Adjust LT.

Sum Adjust LT is a summing amp, 16 channels, all hand made in Italy, with basic functions like its competitors but it has a big advantage over them. It has the digital control via VST/AAX plug-in and the ability to recall, the memory, the ease of use, the possibility of registration etc. Therefore programming and recalling settings of the bus can also be managed via a dedicated plug-in within your DAW. The Sum Adjust LT is a perfect complement to a larger machine, as the Sum Adjust Junior or other professional summing amps.

I received the gear today so i’ll take couple of days to use it properly and use all the functions. From the first hour of usage i immediately feel a bigger stereo image in the mix down,  better transient response, more accurate dynamic, better separation between instrument and better details and also a more deep and rich frequency response. From an engineering point of view this is an highly rated piece of gear that anyone must have… It’s a premium product and it feels solid and compact… The buttons works perfectly and the knob is precise and smooth like butter. One of the greatest feature of this product is the ability to control it also with the plug in directly from your DAW. I’m really happy to have the opportunity to use this gear in my studio and within a week i’ll post more about this gear, audio files and other reviews to let you know more about it. In the meanwhile you can find more information about this brand and this gear on the Teknosign’s Website:



You can also find more information on all Social Media’s pages:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Teknosign

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teknosignitalia/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/teknosignIT


For any question feel free to send me an email or to contact directly the company at the following email address:





  • 16 Channels modular system
  • Pan position controlled by relay for Left, Center and Right
  • Main output range up to 8 dB controlled by relay controlled stepped attenuator
  • 8 Led ring indicator for master section
  • 2 master output card with 64 step relay audio attenuator
  • Excellent audio performance
  • Electronic balanced line receiver
  • Full analog signal path
  • Ultra full linear power supply
  • “Audio-grade’” toroidal transformer
  • Low noise printed circuit board design
  • Modular channel cards design
  • Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) reduces the audio paths reducing noise and interference
  • Balanced, transformer-like floating output
  • Controlled by front buttons/encoder or usb (via VST/AAX plugin)
  • Remote Control and Total Recall by VST/AAX plug-in
  • Auxiliary stereo input to connect other units
  • 8 joint buttons to stereo pair



Happy Music day to everyone!



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