The desert island EQ Plug-in

Hello everyone!

As always i like to post short articles, better content in less lines.

Today i’d like to talk about one of my favourite digital EQ plug-in. The FABFILTER PRO Q2.

I use that in almost every track, from the HP and LP, remove unwanted frequencies and for cleaning purpose. It’s super precise, clean and transparent. It sounds smooth and clean! Not heavy on the CPU with a large interactive EQ display where you can create multiple bands and edit them all together. You have a built-in fully customisable Spectrum analyser that can help you to identify frequency peaks and the overall balance of the sound.

You also have the linear phase mode and the M/S mode, that can be really useful in the mastering stage.

I personally use the Fabfilter Pro Q2 for cleaning purpose and other eqs for boosting and tonal shaping.


Here’s a detailed list of all the key feature of the FABFILTER PRO Q2:






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